The Future of the Marketing Platform Ecosystem is Now

Scott Brinker is a huge (understatement) proponent of marketing technology. Just look at the effort he puts into creating the marketing technology landscape supergraphic. Brinker’s martech company, ion interactive, was recently acquired by ScribbleLive, something he...

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The Future Of Marketing Is Marketing As A Service

Thanks to the smartphone and the evolution of mobile technology, we have a front-row seat into who consumers are. Data – specifically mobile data – gives us the most precise and current view of any individual consumer allowing us to create an extremely personalized user experience.

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What Should You Be Focusing On?

The elements and composition of a great message haven’t changed since Claude Hopkins invented the sampling coupon in the 1920s, and they’re not likely to change in the foreseeable future. Don’t misunderstand, delivery and message are equally important. Our marketing campaigns must be really good at both to succeed.

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The Future of Marketing

. . . Well, you have to earn it by having real impact. And that comes from understanding the customer, designing differentiated offering that communicate a brand’s unique value, and delivering above-market growth. In the consumer goods industry, marketing has in many cases become a strategic function.

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