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What We Do

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Smarter Marketing to Help Your Business Grow and Evolve

Garrett Group is a strategic, full-service marketing communications agency.  We create marketing that brings new opportunities, solutions and results to an enterprise or organization. We engage your customers through the services outlined in this section.
With any marketing activity, you want to create a brand that resonates strongly with your customers. Express it effectively. Our strategic and creative process charts the way:

  • Clearly identify the marketing challenge
  • Align it with your goals, objectives and budget
  • Align your company’s product and/or service benefits to your customers’ values
  • Position the product competitively
  • Express the brand through the creation of original concepts that will reinforce the brand’s visual and emotional impact and voice, to capture the attention of your customers
  • Create the communications strategy for advertising media, marketing and public relations
  • Engage customers by preparing final content, implementing the strategy and launching  the campaign
  • Measure results and refine approaches


Garrett Group Communications offers the following creative and marketing services: